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MM the Time Mage by MoogleMage

This deviation shows a nice take on how Moogle Mage would look like as a Time Mage, a job class from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance that...





Meanie Motion by JBWarrior
Meanie Motion
Hello everyone, how are you doing? :)

Three times in a row? Looks like Vulpix is a preferred tickle target, huh? So much :iconlechensko: came to me and made a request over Yahoo:

Barry: I have a request that involves him and my OC.
jb_warrior: Oh?
Barry: I have what is called a "meanie motion" I do to him when we fool around sometimes. It's a specific brutal tickle.
jb_warrior: Meanie motion? I don't think I've seen it. Yet, at least.
Barry: What my Charmander would do, is arrange his fingers in a stiff 'three claw motion' and viciously rake up and down one of his paw pads.
jb_warrior: Even I curled my feet with that. Pointy claws...

And thus, the above was created! I know I don't usually take on requests - in fact, it says requests are closed - but this piece in particular, and the requester... we just had to make an exception, right? Right? ;) *shot*

Barry belongs to :iconlechensko:
Tan Tailed belongs to himself (he doesn't have a dA)
Pokémon belongs to Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures Inc.
A Heated Competition by JBWarrior
A Heated Competition
Clearly a match of wits! Who's going to lose their sanity first? Who will resist the longest without succumbing? *shot*

Hello everyone, how are you doing? It's been a while, and a couple of things happened, but yes, I'm still alive. And still drawing adorable pictures. As you can see. :giggle:

For the above, though, I only take credit for the artwork itself. Everything else came from a couple of friends. So you should thank then for this. ;)

The idea began as Enigma was playing Pokémon Y and randomly got a Metronome in-game. Then... Jeff had the also random idea of using a metronome as a tickle device, similarly to how those are used in the picture.

Sounds good so far, but the idea wasn't consolidated enough, nothing more than just "tool <x> used to tickle character <y>". During a conversation with Tan Tailed, apparently it was brought up and evolved into a "trap" designed by me as well as a competition to see who loses their sanity first, by means of being tickled with said metronomes.

The pose itself is inspired by this piece here:…

So, who do you think will win this "battle"? And what would be the spoils to the winner? And the loser? ;)

Enigma the Victini belongs to :iconxiiithenigma:
Tan Tailed the Vulpix belongs to himself (he doesn't have dA as far as I know)
JB the Shadow belongs to myself (derp :giggle:)

Pokémon belongs to Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures Inc.


Jeferson Diogo Borges
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello there, how are you doing? =)

My name's Jeferson, but you may call me JB, since that's how everybody else does. :aww: Here I'm usually a purple fun-loving magical creature who's got an interest for feathers, feet/paws and tickling. :D

I'm also cursed with cuteness, meaning most of my drawings end up cute even when I don't mean them too, but hey, I'm not complaining~ =P

If you'd like to know me more you may add me on Yahoo or Skype (ask me on a note). While I'm usually busy, from time to time I may find a window on my schedule to chat or get to know you better. =)

There's one thing I want to let you know though: want to draw a character of mine? Fan art, or even a gift? Please, ask first. I prefer to receive private gifts than public ones, but I also like to know what I'm going to get.

Hello everyone, how are you doing? :)

You know... it seems the amount of effort dedicated to a piece is disproportional to the amount of credit it takes, and as an artist, I'd like to know why that is a thing. :?

I mean... yes, I'm guilty of just faving pictures I like without leaving any comments, so it's not like I should expect it to be different with my art. But... here's a question I'd like you to answer: what makes a piece worth of commenting on? Is it the style? The quality? The potential? The characters involved? The story it presents? Or more directly... what is it that makes this:

An evil game by JBWarrior

Be "less popular"/"less appealing" than this?

Dragon Ref Of Sorts by JBWarrior

When the latter took a day at most while the former was a product of at least 3 full days?

Go on, speak your mind. I'm curious. ;)

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