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About Varied / Hobbyist Member Pinhais/Curitiba - PR24/Male/Brazil Group :iconnintendo-oc-group: Nintendo-OC-Group
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MM the Time Mage by MoogleMage

This deviation shows a nice take on how Moogle Mage would look like as a Time Mage, a job class from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance that...





More Character Practice by JBWarrior
More Character Practice
(Download for the full picture!)

So I'm still remembering how to draw the many characters I've created so far... and as expected from me, I end up making even more of them!

So from left to right we have
:bulletgreen: Ace the elemancer rabbit
:bulletgreen: Art the technomancer turtle
:bulletgreen: Trevor the tickle-mimic panda
:bulletgreen: Orion the (time/space/dimension/whatever-)traveler cat
:bulletgreen: Joe the miner/builder mole
:bulletgreen: Mac the company bird
:bulletgreen: Ziggy the shiny zigzagoon
:bulletgreen: Cody the thief/treasure hunter raccoon
:bulletgreen: Luke the tanuki/raccoon (?)
:bulletgreen: Max the raccoon/red panda (?)

You see I put question marks besides the last two, and it's because i'm not sure exactly what they are supposed to be. :giggle:

All characters belong to me. Drawn by me, revised by :iconxiiithenigma:
Size Differences by JBWarrior
Size Differences
So earlier today I wanted to redesign a character of mine, Damon, who originally was a gargoyle (yet looked more like a dragon to me). I don't think I posted much if any art of him before though, unless perhaps a picture of the dragons? I don't know if I posted it. *shrug*

But in any case, as I finished doodling him I wanted to know his height. Originally he was very tall, and I wanted to keep that idea. Using JB as the base for measurements, standing at 4'8, I figured Damon would be an astounding 8'2! Almost twice his height. :giggle:

I decided to compare him to other characters of mine, and eventually it incorporated all the characters from a dragon reference I made before, with Ray, Bolt, Zip, Quinn and Damon. I decided to also include Fang and Wisp because why not, and Gaarth because of the original gargoyle theme. What do you think? :)

Picture drawn by me, revised by :iconxiiithenigma:
All characters above belong to me.
Character Reunion by JBWarrior
Character Reunion
After over 8 months being away and not drawing any of these, you'd think it would make sense if they missed me, right? Well... it appears they missed me a little too much, pfff. :XD:

I mean, it's fine, some tickling can be good too. But three on one? :XD:

Picture drawn by me, idea suggested by :iconxiiithenigma:
All characters above belong to me.
Ghostly Ticklish Perils at Fazbear's by JBWarrior
Ghostly Ticklish Perils at Fazbear's
Consider this part two of the picture I made before, showing the four characters above side by side. This time, however, should be more fun to watch, don't you think? ;)

Which one of the above do you think looks the most adorable? Or laughs the strongest? Or has the most endurance and needs mooooooore tickles? ;P

Picture done by me, revised by :iconxiiithenigma:
FNAF and its characters belong to Scott Cawthon
Gaarth the Hagoyle by JBWarrior
Gaarth the Hagoyle
So, for those who checked my Tumblr you might have seen this guy above. If you haven't, meet Gaarth, a mix of Goblin, Gargoyle and maybe other species too. The name Hagoyle was suggested by :iconshinypika23:

There's not much else to him as of yet, other than he used to be one of that Mew's transformations. Let's just say a similar event happened and some of those transformations became their own forms, except this time they also got different names. :giggle:

Picture made by me, while internet was out yesterday.


Pinhais/Curitiba - PR
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello there, how are you doing? =)

My name's Jeferson, but you may call me JB, since that's how everybody else does. :aww: Here I'm usually a purple fun-loving magical creature who's got an interest for feathers, feet/paws and tickling. :D

I'm also cursed with cuteness, meaning most of my drawings end up cute even when I don't mean them too, but hey, I'm not complaining~ =P

If you'd like to know me more you may add me on Yahoo or Skype (ask me on a note). While I'm usually busy, from time to time I may find a window on my schedule to chat or get to know you better. =)

There's one thing I want to let you know though: want to draw a character of mine? Fan art, or even a gift? Please, ask first. I prefer to receive private gifts than public ones, but I also like to know what I'm going to get.

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  • Eating: Food
  • Drinking: Water
So... how has everyone been? ^^;

I just popped here to tell all of you I'm doing alright. I'm sure I worried a lot of people, and you may want to know where I've been, what happened... I'll tell everyone later, right now I'm in a call with Jeff and Enigma. Trying to catch up on what happened.

For now... I'm sorry for everything. ^^; Hope you all have a good time!

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