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MM the Time Mage by MoogleMage

This deviation shows a nice take on how Moogle Mage would look like as a Time Mage, a job class from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance that...





Ticklish Troubles at the Mushroom Kingdom by JBWarrior
Ticklish Troubles at the Mushroom Kingdom
Hello everyone, how are you doing? :)

Our updates seem to be far and between, but they're still coming! This time we have a couple of trouble-makers caught by some prankster Piranha Plants! A particular breed of them set on tickling others, at the very least. :giggle: How did Croco and Boshi get entangled in this mess though? Perhaps they'd heard of coins? Or cookies? Whatever treasure they sought was definitely not found, and their reward is rather... laughable. ;)

Took us a few days to complete this piece but we're glad it's finished! Now to wait for Nintendo to actually include these two in future installments someday~

EDIT: have two versions of just the two trouble-doers with and without their footwear. :giggle:

Boshi and Croco are from Super Mario RPG, a game © Nintendo and (now) Square Enix.
Art belongs to :iconxiiithenigma: and I
UNDERTALE SPOILERS - Halloween Doodles by JBWarrior
UNDERTALE SPOILERS - Halloween Doodles
Hello everyone, how are you doing? :)

First of all... thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes (Oct 26th), I appreciate it all. :aww: As for the picture, well, as you can see we got pulled by Undertale hype and thought it could be funny/interesting to to attempt drawing ourselves (and some other characters of ours) after characters found in the game. :P

So the characters used are as follows, from left to right:

* Tommy as Frisk
* Sally as Toriel
* JB as Sans
* Jeff the Lizard as Papyrus
* Koopanigma as Undyne the Undying
* Blaine as Dr. Alphys
* Volt as Asgore
* Spark as Asriel

Undertale and its characters belong to Toby Fox
Koopanigma belongs to :iconxiiithenigma:
Jeff the Lizard belongs to :iconjeffersontjacobs:
All other characters belong to me
Kick back, relax and enjoy the view by JBWarrior
Kick back, relax and enjoy the view
Hello everyone, how are you doing? :) ...yes, that is still my catchphrase of sorts. :P

Not much to say about this one other than it began as a simple doodle practice to try and break me out of an art block... and then I found enough motivation to make it a bit more complete and color it up. :P Plus, now that I think about it, some of you might have wanted to see more of the hipster cat - granted, he's not being tickled, but one day perhaps~

Character and artwork belong to :iconxiiithenigma: and I.
Ask JB and Enigma 009 - Pokemon Origins by JBWarrior
Ask JB and Enigma 009 - Pokemon Origins…

This is, by far, one of the longest replies to any ask we've received, ever! It took a while to write it all out (mostly my procrastination, but some other things coming up along the way as well) but at least it should be done. :P

Characters and artwork belong to :iconxiiithenigma: and I
Victini and Gligar belong to Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures Inc.
Ask JB and Enigma 008 - Martial Arts by JBWarrior
Ask JB and Enigma 008 - Martial Arts…

Jack-Stormer: If you had the chance, would you ever draw any lf your characters doing any martial arts? (Especially Tae Kwon Do :3) ^^

Enigma: I never thought of trying because I'm not really a battler. That, and it would be difficult for me to try any of them.

JB: I don't either, but there is one other shadow that might...

JB: Out of the shadow siblings... Brian is the most likely to attempt learning a martial art

JB: (Very messy doodles, apologies!)

This ask was sent to my main blog instead of the the ask one but I felt like saving it so I could reply in a similar style. Sorry for the quality on the bottom poses. ^^;

Characters and artwork belong to :iconxiiithenigma: and I
Victini belongs to Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures Inc


Jeferson Diogo Borges
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello there, how are you doing? =)

My name's Jeferson, but you may call me JB, since that's how everybody else does. :aww: Here I'm usually a purple fun-loving magical creature who's got an interest for feathers, feet/paws and tickling. :D

I'm also cursed with cuteness, meaning most of my drawings end up cute even when I don't mean them too, but hey, I'm not complaining~ =P

If you'd like to know me more you may add me on Yahoo or Skype (ask me on a note). While I'm usually busy, from time to time I may find a window on my schedule to chat or get to know you better. =)

There's one thing I want to let you know though: want to draw a character of mine? Fan art, or even a gift? Please, ask first. I prefer to receive private gifts than public ones, but I also like to know what I'm going to get.

  • Mood: Optimism
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  • Watching: The skype screen share
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Food
  • Drinking: Water
Can someone enlighten me on who is/was this "Fzone" or "FootZone" person? Because I've got three comments asking if I were FZone or if I were a new one. :?

EDIT: So I dug around a little and it appears there is someone who goes by the name above and used to post foot fetish art and FNaF-related stuff (possibly both coupled together) and it makes me wonder why exactly my art reminds them of said person considering there are definitely more people out there who draw FNaF and tickling. The art style, as far as I'm concerned, isn't the same either.

If you're reading this and mistook me for FZone, no, I'm not them. I just happen to draw foot/tickling art and also happened to draw a few pictures with my own interpretation of the animatronics (which, if you've noticed, look more like cartoony/anthropomorphic than animatronics). For one, it would make more sense for them to feel anything this way. *shrug*

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